Double Scoop Divine Women’s Plus Size Lift & Support Bra Inserts (D, DD+ thru G Cup Size)

Divine Push Up Bra D, DD, E, F Cup Lift Breast Pads Inserts + Free Body Tape

Divine Push Up Bra D, DD, E, F Cup Lift Breast Pads Inserts + Free Body Tape

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Finally Curvy Girl! Plus-sized, Large Bra Cup Enhancer Inserts for any Dress, Sports Bra, Ocean Shapewear Swimsuit, Sorority Dress, Swim Dress, Bathing Suit, Wedding or Bridal Gown or Lingerie. It's a full figured Boob Lift in a box that really works! Our Double Scoop Divine shapewear line was designed specifically for you well-endowed ladies with bra cup sizes of D, DD+ and up. Need some curve control? Each contoured shaped insert is designed with lightweight foam at the sides of the scoop that creates head-turning uplift. Adjust each insert from under to side of breast to find your perfect fit to lift your breasts back up and together. Tested in the pool by the Double Scoop Girls - holds its shape. Lightweight, easy to use, and water-friendly. Defy Gravity you bombshell! These takeout body shapers will give you that added Support, just where you need it. Every package includes a pair of Scoops and 20 Double Sided Body Tape strips. Our "Inserts with an Attitude" come in a variety of Fashion Flavors. Mix and match your mood or outfit. Wear them with intention and let your colors show. Rejuvenate your saggy bras and perk up that wardrobe. Go ahead, pull out that dress you've been wanting to wear & Try it On Again with Double Scoop! Order Today and Own It Tomorrow! #YouAreDivine #OwnThoseCurves


  • UP YOUR CUP WITH A SUPPORTIVE LIFT: Bravo! You don't want more volume, but getting that lift and cleavage back would be nice. Our Divine line is contoured on the outside to add a supportive push up lift to that Full Bust and help bring the "girls" back together. Boost what gravity may have shifted, and try on that forgotten wardrobe again with Double Scoop Divine.
  • FREE DOUBLE-SIDED BODY TAPE INCLUDED: Easy to Use: Place, Tape, Pin or Sew in to garment. Fits into many bra pockets too. Every package includes a free pack of 20 Double Sided Body Tape strips. Water resistant and Machine Washable. Wash as you would your fine lingerie.
  • TWO SHAPES: ORIGINAL & TRIANGLE: Push up cups for any dress for women or that push up swim dress, sorority dress, wedding dress, ocean shapewear, bathing suit. We've got the shape that works for any outfit. Enhancer pads for the curves you desire and add the support you need for full busted women. Original shape provides exceptional lift. Triangle shapers provides a smooth look while holding your shape, especially good for added nipple coverage. For smaller bosoms, check out our Original line
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL: You don't need jelly fish pasties. Double Scoops are light foam, comfortable. seamless, and easy to use or sew-in. No Heavy Silicone Gel push up adhesive chicken cutlets. Just slip them into place and all you will notice is the added support. Double Scoops fit discreetly under your garments, and come with a free pack of 20 Double Scoop double-sided body tape strips. Wear them all day long, every day.
  • PATENTED DESIGN FOR FULL BUSTED WOMEN: Bra Hacks that work! Designed to work great with D, DD, DDD, E, and F size bra cups, each insert is contoured specifically for right and left providing maximum support and curvature. Product Dimensions are: 7 x 2.2 x 5 inches.

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Pads & Enhancers Divine Push Up Bra D, DD, E, F Cup Lift Breast Pads Inserts + Free Body Tape $21.99

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